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Gear Review: AirDrives Hybrid Headphones

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Most headphone companies out there have been busy setting their focus on things like noise cancellation, wireless sound, bigger bass, and so on and so on. The engineers at AirDrives decided to go a different route with headphones that don't sit in or around your ear but sit on the outside instead. Now you might be wondering, why would I ever want to let noise leak in while listening to my music? Well, we had a chance to evaluate a pair of AirDrives over the past few weeks and you can find out more after the jump.


Putting the AirDrives on for the first time seemed a little odd, because of the unique design of the headphones the speakers of the headphones rest on the front of the ear (pictured left). Surprisingly, because of the adjustable rubber ear hooks the AirDrives always sat securely in place without ever being too loose and always felt very comfortable.

Now about the sound, this is where people will either love or hate the AirDrives. Because the design sits on the front of the ears, you will be hearing everything that's going on around you. This is absolutely perfect for active users who want to stay fully aware of their surroundings while jogging through a busy city or snowboarding through a busy slope. The only problem with this is the sacrifice in sound quality, because of the unique design, Bass from music is practically nonexistent so joggers who are hip hop fans should probably stay away from the AirDrives.

Our other concern about the AirDrives is the price, at a $100 they're a bit steep, though its unique design may be of high value to people who are interested in the increased safety that the AirDrives provide. So who would we recommend these to? Any athlete who's a casual music listener who would like the increased safety and awareness in busy environments, or maybe even Stock Brokers on the trading floor who need a bit of a distraction amidst all the chaos.

Link: $100 - AirDrives Hybrid Headphones

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