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Gear Review: Griffin Airdock

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We recently got one of Griffin's Airdock's in for review, and we've had it plugged into our personal audio setup for a week or so now and while we have a few complaints, there are definitely a couple things we liked about it, so click away and enjoy our review for your consumption.

The Airdock's main feature is it's wireless remote which works very well and is rated up to 60 feet. Our only problem with the remote is that you cannot control iPod's menu, and are only left with basic control functions such as volume up/down, next/previous, and play/pause.

What we do love is the excellent design of the Airdock which looks to be made out of a lightweight aluminum that perfectly matches your iPod and will easily compliment any audio setup, especially your Apple gear.

Overall, we can't ignore that the Airdock is rather expensive for what it offers, but for what it lacks, it makes up for it in it's build quality and design. We wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but for those of you who want a great looking iPod solution for your home audio setup and only need the basics, it should be more than perfect.

We give it a 3 out of 5

Get it here: $70 - Griffin Technology

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