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Review: Peek

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Peek is an interesting device in a market where Smartphones have become the standard when it comes to wirelessly sending and receiving email. What makes the Peek unique is that its strictly for email only. No phone, no GPS, no music, just email. Its also contract-free and works nationwide in the United States for a flat-rate of $20 a month. Check out more from this review after the jump.

So how does it work? Right out of the box the device is extremely straight forward, turn it on and you're brought to a form where you enter your information. What's really special about this part is how quickly and smoothly the email setup is. We tried our own email here at Acquire as well as email accounts from Gmail and with just the e-mail account and password Peek's servers did the rest without us ever having to enter any additional information.

Once you've moved past the setup screen, sending and receiving email is fairly simple. On the side of the device you'll find a jog wheel that allows you to easily navigate and open emails similar to how you would on a BlackBerry. Writing emails is also a plus with its tactile rubberized keys that were pretty easy to work with.

Emails sent from the device arrived pretty quickly in our tests, but when it came to incoming messages it was a bit slow. Which isn't really a problem considering the Peek is catered more towards casual use. Its definitely not the kind of device you would give your Blackberry up for, but we can definitely see the appeal if you're a borderline Luddite who just wants to stay connected.

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