Zolt introduces the smallest and lightest laptop charger in the world - Acquire
A new and compact solution for that cumbersome laptop charger.
Photos: Zolt

Photos: Zolt

As laptops have become more and more portable over the years it seems like the power brick has become more and more annoying. Zolt hopes to change this with what they're claiming to be the smallest and lightest laptop charger in the world. And yes, if you're an Apple guy they plan on having a MacBook adapter ready by launch.

Weighing just 3oz and measuring 3 inches long, the Zolt also doubles as a USB charger with 3 available ports so you can charge all your devices. Their Laptop Charger Plus is slated to launch this spring and currently has a pre-order price of $79.99, retail will be $99 after the pre-order period is over. Order it now at GoZolt.com.

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