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Western Digital's My Cloud Home makes it easy to back up your files from any device

Store, backup, and access your files from anywhere.
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Western Digital My Cloud Home

Cloud storage is great, but it's always nice to have local storage at home that you have full control over. Western Digital's new My Cloud Home offers up to 20TB of storage for backing up all your content no matter what the device. 

Whether it's unloading your vacation photos after a long trip or backing up all your 4K videos, My Cloud Home can handle it all and it gives you access to all those files from any device. 

It can also grab files from your favorite storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, extract data from other USB-based storage devices, and you can create private spaces for friends and family to store their own content as well. 

My Cloud Home is available in single and dual drive setups from 2TB all the way up to 20TB. 

From $159,

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