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Vizio XVT Series

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Having a high end HDTV display in your home is no longer cost prohibitive with Vizio's new XVT line of televisions. Designed to compete with some of the highest end TVs on the shelves, the XVT features 1080p resolution with a 120hz refresh rate and 6500:1 contrast ratio/30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio on the 50'' model. The XVTs also feature Smooth Motion Technology and SRS TruSurroundXT that uses three built-in speakers to create virtual 5.1 and you can even upgrade to a full 5.1 setup with a set of wireless speakers and subwoofer for an even better experience. And as with all Vizios you can expect to get a lotta bang for you buck. Link:$1,200-$1,700


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