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Vizio puts 4K and SmartCast tech into their new and affordable E-Series range

Now you have no reason to not go 4K.
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Photo: Vizio

Photo: Vizio

Vizio's impressive SmartCast technology is coming to their 2016 E-Series range and if you've been curious about 4K, but don't want to break the bank this will definitely be right up your alley. The sets range from $470 for their 43" model all the way up to 70 inches for just $1,700. 

If you're not yet familiar with their SmartCast tech, the company has decided to change the way we use traditional remotes by making your smartphone the ultimate remote control. The new E-Series will also have Google Cast built in for streaming your favorite content right to your TV from your Android or iOS device. Alongside the 4K display, you'll also get 12 Active LED zones, and their Spatial Scaling Engine for upscaling content to Ultra HD resolution.


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