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Varjo launches the world's first human eye-resolution VR headset

The headset is currently limited to B2B applications for now.
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Varjo VR-1

Varjo is giving VR headsets a big bump in visual quality with the VR-1, a headset they describe as having "human-eye resolution." It is currently the only headset of its kind on the market and will first be used for B2B applications such as CAD design and simulations. The VR-1 utilizes what they're calling a "Bionic Display," which has a resolution of 60 pixels per degree and is said to be the equivalent of 20/20 vision. The display will combine a 1920x1080 micro-OLED and 1440x1600 AMOLED display with optimized optics to achieve that image quality and a 2020 Eye Tracker increases accuracy and precision. 


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