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The Download

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The Download is a new feature highlighting some of our favorite apps that we've come across for the desktop, iPad, iPhone, as well as other devices. For our first feature we've picked a few of our favorite iPhone & iPad apps. First up is everyone's favorite timekiller, Solitaire. GoSub 60's Solitaire Deluxe HD ($1.99) offers up a number of boredom squashing Solitaire games, including favorites like Klondike and Freecell as well as obscure variations like Vanishing Cross and Canfield. Next up is the debut issue of Popular Mechanics' iPad Magazine ($1.99) that takes digital publishing to the next level, even showing the Wired guys a thing or two about how to create (and price) a compelling digital magazine. Last up is "Light-O-Matic" ($.99), an app that adds some utility to your iPhone LED flash with an app that turns it into a flashlight, an adjustable strobe light, and the real kicker: A safety light beacon that lets you input text and then translate it into Morse Code.

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