Teenage Engineering's OP-Z will make you want to learn how to use a synthesizer

The company previews its follow-up to the award-winning OP-1.
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Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Swedish company Teenage Engineering perfectly combined a retro approach with modern technology in their OP-1 synthesizer and many awards and loyal fans later, they're introducing a bold new follow-up, the OP-Z. The new synthesizer features a more compact design and connects to an iOS phone or tablet to act as the OP-Z's screen. 

The OP-Z features an advanced 16-track sequencer, 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks, 160 user programmable patterns, an upgradeable modular effects architecture, and 14 multi-program step components. 

You can even use the device to create animations with a feature called Photomatic. Photomatic lets you take images from your phone and sequence and animate them with your music. 

The OP-Z is set for release this September. 


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