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Technics resurrects an analog icon, the SL-1200 Direct Drive Turntable

Back after popular demand.
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Photo: Technics

Photo: Technics

Audiophiles and DJs alike have a lot to be excited about today as Technics brings back one of their most famous products, the SL-1200 Direct Drive Turntable. This summer, the company is releasing the turntable as a part of its new premium hi-fi line with a new and improved model to celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

The Grand Class Sl-1200GAE will feature a coreless direct drive motor to reduce minute speed vibration and cogging, high-precision motor control technology for high starting torque and stability at high speed, four-layer construction with a 10mm top of aluminum, a magnesium tonearm, and a rigid, three-layered turntable platter.

$TBD, Technics

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