Symbol Audio's Modern Record Player  is the perfect balance of analog and digital music technology

A future-proof way to enjoy your analog and digital music collections.
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Symbol Audio Modern Record Player

Symbol Audio has a compelling new option for vinyl enthusiasts who want an all-in-one system that lets you listen to records and your digital music collections. The unit features custom speakers and crossovers developed in collaboration with Morel and a custom class AB amp to enable audiophile-grade sound with detailed bass. 

The record player will feature a three-phase turntable isolation system to reduce vibrations while an acrylic platter gives you consistent speed for accurate sound reproduction. For the digital crowd, a wireless option will be available to connect it to virtually any Wi-Fi audio source and there's an internal compartment that can hide a Sonos Connect or Airport Express to link the player to your wireless sound system. 

The Modern Record Player is currently taking pre-order deposits and a delivery date has yet to be announced. 


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