Steven Soderbergh shot his latest feature with an iPhone 8 and a pair of add-on lenses

The best camera for shooting movies might already be in your pocket.
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Moondog Labs

Moondog Labs

Steven Soderbergh has proven once again that you don't need a ridiculously expensive camera rig to shoot a movie. The director has recently released his latest film, the critically acclaimed, High Flying Bird, and it was shot on Soderbergh's current camera of choice, the iPhone 8. The film was shot in 4K using FiLMiC Pro ($14) and two additional lenses: a Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens (above - $150-$175) and a Moment Tele ($119). So if you're an aspiring filmmaker and you're in the market for some camera equipment, you might want to rethink that investment. Sure, a RED camera or a fancy DSLR will deliver the goods, but this proves once again the best camera is the one that's already on you. / / /

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