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Sony continues to keep the Walkman alive with the audiophile-targeted ZX300

The ZX300 boasts 11.2 MHz Direct Stream Digital playback and an S-Master HX digital amp.
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Sony NW-ZX300

Believe it or not, portable music players are alive and well and if you want to listen to high-res music properly, specialized devices like the new ZX300 are the way to go. The new ZX300 is rich with features to make your high-res audio experience the best sounding possible. 

From the aluminum casing that's used to reduce electronic noise to the digital amplifier that ensures your music has no distortion, it's got virtually everything you need for all your high-res music needs. It's also got 11.2 MHz Direct Stream Digital playback that plays at a higher frequency than PCM for even better sound quality, LDAC Bluetooth streaming, a balanced connection, and you can even use the ZX300 as a USB DAC for your Mac or PC. 


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