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Sony seeks the noise cancelling crown with their MDR-1000x headphones

The new Bose killer?
Photo: Sony

Photo: Sony

Picking a fight with Bose over their noise cancelling headphones hasn't been the easiest challenge for its competitors. The latest attempt on the travel favorite is Sony's is all-new MDR-1000X. The flagship noise cancelling headphone aims right at the competition with a number of features to ensure a perfect, noise-free listening experience. 

One of these features is called the "Sense Engine" and what it does is adjust the noise cancelling performance by examining the shape of the wearer's head and things like glasses or hair that may affect the noise cancellation quality. It also features 20 hours of battery life in wireless mode, Hi-Res Audio playback, an S-Master HX audio amp, and Sony's own LDAC technology that allows for higher quality audio than Bluetooth streaming. 

$400 (October),

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