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Shinola expands their audio range with a line of headphones

Two years in the making.
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Shinola Over Ear Gloss Black

The Shinola Audio line is growing this month with the introduction of the Canfield Headphone Collection. The line will be comprised of an over-ear and on-ear model and two in-ear monitors. The on-ear model will feature a 50mm dynamic transducer and the on-ear model will feature a 40mm transducer. Both will feature stainless steel hardware, interchangeable lambskin leather cushions, and a top grain leather headband. 

The Canfield In-Ear Monitors were developed in collaboration with Campfire Audio in Portland, Oregon, who helped tune a Quad Balanced Armature Receiver for their Pro model and an 8.5mm beryllium dynamic driver for the standard In-Ear.

The Canfield Over-Ear and On-Ear models are available today and the In-Ear models will be available next month. 


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