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Sega's Game Gear Micro celebrates their colorful rival to the Game Boy

The 8-bit handheld is back in a miniaturized limited edition.
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Sega Game Gear Micro

A year after the Nintendo Game Boy became the number #1 item on every kid's wishlist, Sega readied its own handheld and they were going to outdo the competition with a vibrant color screen. Though it didn't quite become the behemoth that the Game Boy was, Sega's Game Gear was the only way you were going to get popular titles like Sonic the Hedgehog and Outrun in the palm of your hand. This year, Sega is celebrating the Game Gear with a miniaturized version that comes in a variety of colors, each featuring different Game Gear titles like Sonic and Tails, Outrun, Shining Force, and more. 

It's unknown whether or not Sega will release the Game Gear Micro in the US but for now, it's exclusive to Japan. 

¥5,478 (approx. $50),

Japanese exclusives can be purchased from proxies such as White Rabbit Express or Treasure Japan.

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