Satechi's new hub is a must-have for any new iMac owner

If you own a new iMac, you need to buy this right now.
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Satechi Type C Clamp Hub Pro

The iMac is a great machine, but one thing that's not so great is the placement of the ports on the back of the monitor. Yes, we love the clean and minimalist looks of Apple's products as much as the next guy, but if you're someone who frequently uses SD cards and USB ports then you're usually stuck with another hub on your desk or having to annoyingly reach around your Mac to find the right port.

Satechi is solving this issue with their new Type-C Clamp Hub Pro, a small hub that attaches to the bottom "chin" of your iMac and gives you easy access to all the ports you need. The hub features an SD slot, three USB 3 ports, and a USB-C port and it complements the iMac's design perfectly.


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