Samsung Wall Luxury

Samsung has announced the release of the "consumer" version of the Wall with the upcoming launch of the Wall Luxury. Designed for luxury homes, the MicroLED displays feature a modular design that can be specified in sizes from 73 inches with 2K resolution all the way up to an absolutely insane 292 inches with 8K resolution. The screens feature a bezel-less design with a slim 30mm enclosure and the display's diodes have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. The Wall Luxury will boast an AI-powered picture quality engine called Quantum Processor Flex that uses machine learning technology to automatically upscale and optimize images. The screen will have a brightness of 2,000 nits with a 120Hz refresh rate and they've teamed up with Harman Luxury Audio and Steinway Lyngdorf to create the perfect audio complement worthy of their jaw-dropping display.

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