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Samsung releases a new range of Level Wireless Headphones

Samsung presents a new travel-friendly pair of wireless audio products.
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Photos: Samsung

Photos: Samsung

Samsung just announced two new ways for you to enjoy your music wirelessly with the new Level On Wireless headphone and the Level Link. The Level On is a over the head, full-size headphone that features Active Noise Cancellation with six built-in microphones to flush out any environment noise to give you an interrupted music experience. The headphones can go for 11 hours with Bluetooth and Noise Cancellation activated and up to 20 hours on Bluetooth or Noise Cancellation alone. 


They're also announcing the Level Link that goes one step further than your average wireless audio adapter. Not only does it let you wirelessly stream your music to any headphone, it lets you share with another pair of headphones and you can even stream audio from your TV to two headsets. 

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