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Samsung's challenges the MacBook Air with their 12.2" ATIV Book 9

Samsung's answer to the MacBook Air may just be the computer Windows users have been yearning for.
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Photo: Samsung

Photo: Samsung

There's no rest for Samsung when it comes to it's fight with partner and rival over at Apple. They're taking on the MacBook Air with their new ATIV Book 9 and its one impressive piece of Windows-powered machinery. Feature-wise, the computer bests anything Apple currently has available in their Air line with a high-res 12.2 inch 2560x1600 resolution display and the long awaited Intel Broadwell Core M processor. 

Coming in at .46 inches thin and weighing just 2.06 lbs, the svelte laptop is lighter than the Air and will feature Intel HD 5300 graphics, 4-8GBs of RAM, 128-256GBs of SSD storage, and a battery life of up to 10.5 hours. Audiophiles will also appreciate the Wolfson WM5102 UHQA lossless audio player and FLAC compatibility. The new ATIV Book 9 will be available for pre-order in January and starts at $1,199. 

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