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Ricoh brings Wi-Fi to the new GR II

Ricoh's much loved point-and-shoot goes wireless.
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Photo: Ricoh 

Photo: Ricoh 

Ricoh's GR camera was a big hit with many camera enthusiasts with its pocket-friendly size and larger APS-C sensor. Today the company brings a few necessary upgrades to the GR with the new GR II. The biggest addition to the camera is Wi-Fi and NFC letting you instantly upload all your high-res shots to your favorite device and also allows for remote shooting from a tablet or smartphone.

The 16 megapixel APS-C sensor remains the same as does the f/2.8 18.3mm (28mm equiv) lens. Maximum shutter speed when shooting at f/2.8 has been increased and you now get faster burst shots that lets you shoot up to 10 fps in RAW format. 

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