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Review: Phiaton PS 300 Noise Canceling Headphones

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Some experts would say that its a pretty big risk to launch a pair of noise cancelling headphones in a market dominated solely by Bose. It also doesn't help that a company like Phiaton who just launched their line last year, still remains to be an under the radar brand that has yet to really break into the market. I've spent a good amount of time with their new PS 300 Noise Canceling headphones ($300) and after the jump you'll see why you shouldn't ignore this sleeping giant.

The sound quality of the PS 300 is quite impressive. The headphones are very capable in the bass department, mids are crystal clear, and though the highs could use a little work it wasn't bad enough to be a problem. On the Noise Cancelling front I was rather impressed by how well they drowned out noise on flights and road trips were a little less exhaustive without having to be subjected to the driver's choice of music. The batteries are good for around 18 hours of listening time and can still be used when the battery dies.

The headphones offer an interesting value proposition for those of you interested in grabbing a pair of the comparable Bose QuietComfort 3s. For $350 the QuietComforts come with one battery, a carrying case, and a wall charger. For the $50 less you would spend on the Phiatons, you get a Jetset-ready kit filled with two batteries, a carrying case, a USB charger, airline adapter, a wall charger, and a set of travel adapters for charging your batteries anywhere in the world. Oh, and they look a million times better.

To conclude, Phiaton's first try at a pair of Noise Canceling headphones is a successful one. We're just wondering why these aren't on the shelves at local Apple stores where they would certainly sell like gangbusters. I highly recommend these for global travelers looking for an alternative to what Bose has to offer. They're cheaper, better looking, and they're more exclusive. Need I say more?

Link: Phiaton

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