Red reveals additional details of the upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone

The holographic phone is set for release this August.
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Hydrogen One in Titanium

The Hydrogen One in titanium.

One of the most exciting developments in smartphones isn't coming from one of the usual suspects. Red, maker of studio-grade cinema cameras, is releasing a smartphone with a display they believe will be a gamechanger. This 5.7-inch (2560x1440) display will feature what they're calling a 4V display, which can produce a holographic image. 

The dual-sim Android phone will be sold unlocked and will feature A3D spatial audio, 4V-capable cameras, a Snapdragon 835X processor, a 4,500mAh battery, USB-C charging, microSD storage up to 400GB, headphone jack, a modular system that can receive upgrades like a larger camera sensor, and of course, it works natively with the Red camera system.

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