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RED announces the Hydrogen, a "Holographic Media Machine" in your pocket

The founder of Oakley and Red is calling it the biggest thing he's ever worked on.
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Red Hydrogen

Like he did with Oakley and Red, Jim Jannard plans to disrupt another product category with what he considers the biggest thing he's ever worked on. Today, Jannard and his company RED announced what they're calling the "World's first holographic media machine", a smartphone with a display that is said to be capable of displaying glasses-free, four-view holographic content on a 5.7" Android-powered smartphone. 

The device will be the core of a modular system that can be attached to other devices and will communicate through a new high-speed data bus. It will also be fully compatible with their Scarlet, EPIC, and Weapon RED cameras as a remote display and control.

The company is offering pre-orders today with phones constructed in titanium or aluminum and hopes to have them available by the first quarter of 2018.


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