Profoto launches a studio-grade light for smartphone cameras

Because smartphone cameras are pretty damn good these days.
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Profoto C1

With smartphone cameras getting better and better each day, there might be a time in the very near future where you won't have to count on a traditional camera setup for professional photography and video. Profoto wants to meet the needs of professional users with a new light that is designed specifically for smartphones. The C1 is the first studio light for smartphones and features a compact design that fits in the palm of your hand and delivers natural light no matter where and when you're shooting. The C1 model features 1600 lumens of output with 4 warm and 3 cold LEDs while the C1 Plus takes it up a notch with 4300 lumens, 10 warm and 10 cold LEDs, and a click-on magnetic mount for compatibility with their collection of light-shaping accessories.

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