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Pro-Ject has introduced a new device that is going to be a must-have component for any record lover's setup. The Vinyl NRS Box S4 has quite a lot going on behind that minimalist exterior. The device can clean up any clicks and noise from old and damaged records to bring the record's sound back to the way it was intended. Designed to work between an amplifier and a phono pre-amp, the system can reduce noise by up to 8dB and has a dedicated knob to adjust its sensitivity. We won't get into the exact science of how it works but here it is described by the experts: 

"The digital domain houses the main processes of the Vinyl NRS Box S3. The signal is filtered to avoid interference by the processing itself. In action, high-frequency artifacts are used as a marker for crackles, the dedicated algorithm identifies such peaks and users can adjust the sensitivity with the potentiometer on the front based on the targeted noise they are aiming to achieve. The signal is first separated into two frequency bands before being sent to two expanders to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. There are no audible noise modulations with this technique, and the process reduces noise by up to 8dB. Working between your amplifier and phono preamplifier, the Vinyl NRS Box S3 is a sleek and compact solution to enhance the listener’s enjoyment."

Available this month at authorized Pro-Ject dealers. 


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