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Pomera is an E Ink typewriter for word processing purists

The perfect tool for when you just need to write.
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King Jim Pomera

Japan's King Jim is announcing a US version of the Pomera, an E Ink typewriter designed purely for word processing. You won't have notifications or distracting apps to get in the way of your writing, just a simple word processor, nothing more, nothing less. It's perfect for writers who find today's technologies incredibly distracting because the last thing you need to be doing is playing a round of Angry Birds when you're having writer's block. The Pomera has about 20 hours of battery life, which is powered by two AA batteries and features a full QWERTY keyboard that is set in a Japanese-style layout. 

King Jim has opened a Kickstarter to crowdfund the device and delivery is set for November of this year. 


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