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Pearl RearVision adds a backup camera to any car

You can now add a backup camera to almost any car in minutes.
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Photo: Pearl 

Photo: Pearl 

If you've been wanting to install a backup camera to your car, Pearl's got the easiest way to do it. Their new RearVision backup camera lets you install a camera in minutes and you won't have to pay for a professional install. All you need to do is place the RearVision onto your license plate, plug the Pearl adapter into your car's ODB port, and once your phone is paired, you've got a full-on backup camera system. 

The RearVision features two HD cameras that give you a wide angle view of your surroundings and you can even swipe on the screen to get a better look around the corners. It even has a solar battery built right into the frame to ensure that the camera is always powered. 


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