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Palm has returned with a credit card-sized smartphone companion

The new Palm returns to a market that's definitely in need of a smaller smartphone.
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Palm 2018

Palm is back again and this time they're focusing their efforts on a category that definitely needs more attention. We're talking about ultra-compact smartphones. The new Palm is about the size of a credit card and operates like your smartwatch would. Categorized as a smartphone companion, Palm syncs to your existing phone number on your iOS or Android device and can receive calls, texts, and emails and has a fully-featured rear and front camera, a 3.3" display, all-day battery life with 3+ day standby, and Android 8.1. And it can do all of these separately from your main phone. 

The idea is to be fully connected without being fully distracted by a big smartphone screen. It uses a feature called "Life Mode" that shuts off all incoming calls and notifications when the screen is off and once you wake it, your phone is fully connected and is ready to receive any and all calls or messages.

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