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Otterbox's Stand Charger is the perfect travel accessory for the iPhone 12

A versatile new option to charge your iPhone 12 when you're on the road.
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If you've got an iPhone 12 and you're not making use of its MagSafe feature, it's time to change that, especially if you travel regularly. Otterbox's Folding Stand for MagSafe not only gives you a versatile option to charge the iPhone 12 but it also is the perfect accessory when you're on the road. The compact charger folds flat when you need to pack it and the cable for your MagSafe charger can be neatly stored in the base of the unit. When in use, the hinge can smoothly adjust to your preferred angle, which is great for FaceTime, and you can easily position your phone in both landscape and vertical orientations. 


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