Onkyo's DP-X1 is Hi-Fi nirvana for audiophiles on the go

Demanding audiophiles will have a lot of love with Onkyo's newest player.
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Photo: Onkyo

Photo: Onkyo

As great as your smartphone is for playing music, it will never be quite enough when it comes to the demands of audiophiles. That's where players like Onkyo's DP-X1 comes in. Available today, the device can store all your favorite HiRes audio tracks and has the hardware to deliver that audio the way it was meant to be heard. 

At the core of DP-X1 are dual DACs and dual amps to give you all the power you'll ever need and balanced drives help to deliver crisp and clear audio quality. A laundry list of HiRes audio formats are supported and real time DSD conversion is available for MP3s, WAVs, and more. 

You've also got an array of I/O including a 2.5mm 4-pole balanced output, a 3.5mm 3-pole headphone jack, USB-B/OTG out, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. As for storage, you've got 32GB of onboard flash and the ability to store up to 432GB with its dual micro-SDXC slots. 

$900, onkyousa.com

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