Oculus hopes to finally take VR mainstream with the Go headset

The all-in-one device is wireless and doesn't need a phone or PC to work.
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Oculus Go

While the momentum behind VR is still as strong as ever, the one thing holding back is the fact that it's still somewhat of a tethered experience. You either need a phone or a PC to power your headset and that only makes things more expensive. 

Oculus is going to change all that with their new Go headset, a device that has everything baked in so you can have a truly wireless VR experience right out of the box. The display will be a WQHD 2560X1440 and will have breathable fabrics for comfort, their most improved lenses to date, and it works comfortably with your glasses. 

$199 (early 2018), oculus.com

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