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The new graphics powerhouse: NVIDIA's GeForce TITAN X GPU

And you thought your PS4 was impressive.
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The PC-gaming world tends to one up the console space with state-of-the-art graphics and they've done it again via NVIDIA's newest pixel pushing beast, the GeForce Titan X GPU. Just how good are the graphics? Check out the video above and you'll see the incredible demo they created with Unreal Engine 4 that is running in real time on the Titan X.

Photos: NVIDIA

Photos: NVIDIA

NVIDIA is still being pretty secretive about the specs of the Titan X, but we do know that it will feature their new Maxwell architecture which features a gargantuan eight trillion transistors and a 12GB framebuffer. It's enough juice to not only showcase the latest in graphics technology, but will also be ready to power the latest in VR gaming. 

Availability and pricing is TBD, more info at

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