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NVIDIA is calling their latest GPU the "holy grail" of graphics

The new RTX series starts at $499.
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NVIDIA is always making big jumps in graphics technology, but this time around they're considering this announcement to be a historic moment in graphics. The new RTX series is being called a "holy grail" by its founder Jensen Huang, who says the RTX is "the product of 10 years of work and 10,000 engineering years of effort in computer graphics algorithms and GPU architectures." 

The card will feature the world's first real-time ray-tracing gaming GPUs and is based on their new Turing GPU architecture, technologies that are considered to be one of the biggest jumps in gaming GPU technology and is 6x more powerful than its predecessor. All that technology is put on full display in the video above, which features a photo-realistic scene that demos NVIDIA's ray-tracing tech in action. 

From $599,

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