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Nest aims to make home security a whole lot less annoying

The company launches its Nest Secure alarm system.
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Nest Secure

Much like thermostats, home security systems have long been in need of a 21st century upgrade. Nest Secure takes those issues and streamlines the whole process with an easy-to-use system that won't beep unnecessarily or have you rushing out the door after you punch in your code. 

The system is centered around a Guard unit that has a traditional keypad, but also works with small tags that you simply tap onto the Guard to quickly disarm and arm without pressing any buttons. It also works with Nest Detect sensors to secure windows, doors, and rooms. 

You also don't have to rush out of your house after you arm your system, Nest Secure lets you adjust how much time you'll need and you can easily lock it all down remotely through your cell phone. And if you're quickly leaving the house to throw away the trash or go for a run, you can simply just tap a button on the Detect sensor to arm your silently arm your system.


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