Mophie readies their popular Juice Pack charging case for the iPhone 11

The cases will be available for the 11 and 11 Pro.
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Mophie Juice Pack Access for iPhone 11

Though Apple claims the iPhone 11 will be getting a nice boost in battery life, power users are still going to need all the juice they can get. Mophie has already announced its upcoming Juice Pack, which will launch in a 'access' version that uses wireless charging to recharge the phone. This allows the case to free up the Lighting port for wired usage and you'll get 2,000-2,200mAh of battery capacity depending on which iPhone 11 you have. The case can be recharged via its USB-C port or a wireless charger, protective internal rubber support pads, and it also features Priority+ charging that passes a wired or wireless charge to your phone before it starts charging the case. 

Available this October. 


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