Montblanc balances the digital and analog with Augmented Paper

Proving ink and pixels can coexist in perfect harmony.
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Photo: Montblanc

Photo: Montblanc

Whether you're a pen and paper purist or a lover of both, Montblanc may have finally found a happy medium between the two. The idea behind Montblanc's Augmented Paper is incredible simple: An elegant leather folio reveals a notebook and a StarWalker pen where you can take notes and transfer them right to your favorite device.

You write and doodle as you would normally and with just one press of a button, your ink becomes instantly digitized into an app that can read up to 12 languages and convert them to text for easy searching and editing. Augmented Paper will be available throughout Montblanc locations around the world this October and November while Harrods in London gets an early exclusive later this month.

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