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Magpul's DAKA pouches organize your life with rugged, reinforced polymers

These versatile pouches are built for just about anything.
Photo: Magpul

Photo: Magpul

For the well-organized, a great pouch is the ultimate accessory for travel and your daily commute. Magpul's new DAKA line is what we would imagine if Skunkworks were the inventors of the Ziploc bag. The zippered pouches are made from an impenetrable reinforced polymer that features welded construction, YKK AquaGuard water-repellant zippers, carabiner attachment points, and a dot matrix grid for labeling with a paint pen. The bags are ideal for all your accessories, whether that be cables, a protective and low-profile case for passports, or toiletries.  The pouches come in a variety of colors and three sizes (soon to be four) to fit just about everything you need.


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