Lookout's Apple Watch App might be the killer app it always needed

Never lose your iPhone again.
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Photo: Lookout

Photo: Lookout

You know the feeling. You're leaving the bar and boom! You're running back to fetch the iPhone you left on the counter. Well, hopefully you've been lucky to always find it safely waiting for you, if not, then you're going to want Lookout's new Apple Watch App.

It's a feature that should have been on the Apple Watch since day one, a proximity alert that lets you know when you've left your iPhone. Once the app notices you're about to go out of range, your watch instantly notifies you to get back to your precious piece of aluminum. 

The app also lets you see your phone's last location, gives you a visual indicator of how far/close you are to yoru phone, and lets you sound a siren if your phone has been lost. 



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