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Lomography brings Fuji's Instax Square Film to their new camera

The new camera has already met its funding goal on Kickstarter.
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Lomography Lomosquare

Lomography is introducing a new instant camera design called the Lomo'Instant Square, which uses Fujifilm's Instax Square format film and is the world's first fully analog camera to use it. Images are shot with a 95mm glass lens that folds into the camera when not in use and it's got an automatic mode to ensure you always grab the perfect shot. 

It's also packed with a ton of features that include an LED exposure counter, remote control shutter release and self-timer, built-in flash, and a whole host of creative features such as multiple exposures, long exposures, color gel filters, and a portrait glass lens attachment. 

Lomography is offering the camera in five colors and plans to deliver the camera to customers in March 2018.

From $129,

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