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There's a Leica KE-7A on sale...and it's never been opened

It doesn't get more "new in box" than this.
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Photo: Schouten

Photo: Schouten

If you're a camera guy then you probably haven't stopped drooling for the past five minutes. Inside that wrinkled envelope is a Leica KE-7A, which is an M4 built specifically for military use. One of those cameras has been sitting on ebay and not only is it new, but it is still sealed in the envelope and has never been opened. 

They've even taken an x-ray to prove that the camera is inside. So what's one of the rarest Leicas going for these days? A little over $45,000. That small fortune will get you the camera, a 50mm f/2 Elcan lens, case, lens hood and cap, strap and cable release, and the manual.



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