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Leica's new medium-format beast, the Leica S Typ 007

When full frame isn't enough.
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Photo: Leica

Photo: Leica

Since 2009, the Leica S has been a major player in the medium format space for its massive sensor and incredible picture quality. For 2015, Leica is giving it some major upgrades to keep it competitive in an ever changing space. The camera keeps its 37.5 Megapixel resolution, but now has a Leica MAX CMOS sensor and their new Maestro II image processor.

All that new power allows the camera to shoot burst shots at up to 3.5 fps, 4K Video in Super 35 format, and a new 2GB frame buffer keeps things fast and smooth. You also get a wider ISO range from 100-12,500, 15 stops of dynamic range, built-in Wi-Fi, and USB 3.0 for faster and improved handling of those large image files. 

$16,900, Leica

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