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Leica's mini M? The new Leica Q

Leica releases a mini-M in the form of a new fixed-lens full-frame camera.
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Photo: Leica Miami 

Photo: Leica Miami 

Leica's newest full-frame camera isn't wearing an M badge. They're releasing an all-in-one solution that takes on cameras like the Sony RX1 with their fixed-lens Leica Q. The 24 megapixel camera features a  f/1.7 28mm Summilux that's ideal whether you're shooting street or wide angle landscapes. 

More importantly if you've wanted a full-frame Leica and didn't wanted the full kit for much less than half the price, this is definitely the way to go. The camera also ditches the M's rangefinder system for an autofocus system and you get a 3.68 Megapixel EVF and a 3" touchscreen LCD.

The camera also features built-in Wi-Fi and a new Leica Q app that lets you remotely control your camera from your smartphone as well as download the images. Check out the galleries below for more views of the Q and image examples from photographer Alex Habermehl.

$4,250, available for pre-order at

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