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Leica unveils its next-generation flagship camera, the M10

Photographic purity.
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The Leica M line has always been about photography and photography only. For the new M10, Leica continues that tradition with a camera that is purely about taking great photos. No 4K video or anything unnecessary, all the focus has been placed on imaging performance with an all-new 24 megapixel sensor that is exclusive to the M10 body. 

The new sensor also allows for even high ISO sensitivity range that now goes from 100 to 50,000. The camera's speed gets dialed up a notch with a Maestro II processor that features a 2GB buffer for continuous shooting at 5 fps. 

M fans who've been clamoring for EVF compatibility will breathe a sigh of relief as the camera is now compatible with their Visoflex EVF and the new M will feature Wi-Fi connectivity for the first time for instant connectivity to your favorite iOS device. Other new details include a slimmer body and a field of view that has been increased by 30% with a 50% increase in eye-relief. 


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