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Leica's new special edition Monochrom celebrates its legendary founder

The stealthy camera will feature the original Leitz Wetzlar branding.
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Leica Ernst Leitz Monochrom

Leica enthusiasts who are in the market for an M Monochrom Typ 246 will definitely want to consider the company's new 'Leitz Wetzlar' edition. Though the camera doesn't have anything dramatically different about it, Leica fans might disagree as the top plate's usual Leica script branding has been swapped out for a traditional  "Leitz Wetzlar" logo. It's a rare update with an equally rare batch that is limited to just 150 pieces to celebrate Ernst Leitz's takeover of the "Optical Institute" 150 years ago, which eventually became the Leica you know and love. Did we mention that it's also cheaper than the standard M Monochrom Type 246? 


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