Kodak takes it back, way back, with a return to Super 8 Film Cameras

Long live analog!
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Photo: Kodak

Photo: Kodak

Rather than keeping up with the ongoing megapixel war between camera companies, Kodak is taking a step back and reviving one of the most beloved film formats, Super 8. Designed in collaboration with Yves Behar, the camera echoes the original Super 8 camera design and updates it with modern features such as an integrated mic and a digital viewfinder, a first for a Super 8 camera. 

The body of the camera will be machined metal and will feature a fixed 6mm Ricoh C-Mount lens or an optional 6-48mm zoom lens. It also features a built-in light meter, manual speed and iris settings, and an integrated battery that can be charged via USB. As for processing your film, Kodak will be offering a shipping service where they process your film, scan it, and then send you back your footage digitally so you can edit and share your video.

$TBD, Kodak

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