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Klipsch marks 70 years of its longest running speaker model, the Klipschorn

The only speaker in the world to be in continuous production for 70 years.

Klipsch Heritage Amplifier

Klipsch's brings the best out of your headphones with their new amplifier

The amp combines vintage design with modern audio technology.

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Klipsch brings back a home audio legend

The Forte returns in its third iteration.
Klipsch Forte III

Responding to popular demand, Klipsch is bringing back a home audio favorite, the Forte. Originally released in 1989, the speaker ceased production in 1996 and returns this year in its third iteration as part of the brand's Heritage line. Made in Hope, Arkansas, the floor standing speaker feature a wood veneer and a lambswool grille and will be the first full-range speaker in the Heritage line. The speaker feature a horn loaded tweeter, a newly upgraded and larger mid-range driver, and new titanium diaphragms, a 12" woofer, and a 15" passive radiator.