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Hi-Fi experts KEF and designer Ross Lovegrove reunite for a new wireless speaker

KEF shrinks its Hi-Fi technology into their Muo wireless speaker.
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Photo: KEF

Photo: KEF

When a respect brand like KEF comes out with a wireless speaker, you better believe they've got our full attention. The company has taken inspiration from its six-figure Muon speaker system and created the Muo Wireless Speaker. Like the Muon, the speaker is also designed by Ross Lovegrove reinterpreting the speaker's sculptural form into a compact speaker. 

Powering the sound of the Muo is a Uni-Q ‘point source’ driver array and a new bass radiator, a DAC converter, and a rigid inner molding keeps the sound accurate and distortion-free. You'll also find 12 hours of battery life, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, and a stereo mode that lets you link two speakers. 

$349, KEF

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