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Irix gives you the whole picture with its ultrawide 15mm full-frame lens

There's a new player in lenses and their first release its beyond impressive.
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Photo: Irix

Photo: Irix

Irix is a new player in the lens market and they've been making a lot of noise with their first release. That's because they've launched an ultra-wide 15mm with an impressively large f/2.4 aperture that's sure to get photo enthusiasts drooling. 

The lens will come in two versions for two types of photographers: the Blackstone, which is a bit more burly with an aluminum and magnesium body for maximized lens protection and the Firefly, which is designed for photogs on the move who need a lightweight construction. Both lenses are manually-focusing and will be available for Nikon F, Canon EF, and Pentax K lens mounts.

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